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Ghent, Dilbeek, Lommel

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While he lived in a world of orange skies and stormy days, suddenly another man came along the way. We could tell his beard grew with the time among the words he knew from far across the country. He carried guitars and played them sometimes. Friends, we became and so the bond grew fast while he travelled close beside. One day, we went to visit a friend of his. Some say he fulfils dreams with the luck he treasures in the palm of his hand. He was wise and old enough to guide our way to a world we don’t know.

As the summer broke, we walked into this small, charming cabin and decided to settle down for a little while. Believing we’re actual poets and musicians, we wrote and played during the entire summertime.

For every word we spoke, we made a map to remember it by.
Today, we send it into the world.

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