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TAGsf began with the collaboration of artists Brian Gibbs and Garen Scribner. Brian and Garen met as students at the prestigious North Carolina School of the Arts. As choreographer and dancer, they have created a multitude of works. Brian and Garen also created large-scale art works before discovering their most recent form of expression: video. Together with artist and videographer Mathew Taylor, TAGsf was born. Aside from world-class dancers, choreographers, and video artists, the group now collaborates with visual artists, graphic designers, musicians and photographers to produce works for film and stage.

The work of TAGsf all comes from roots in the classical world. Our education and training in the performing and liberal arts all contribute to our perspective as creators. Our interest as a group is to allure new audiences to the arts by pushing conventional boundaries and expanding the mind frame of the viewer.

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