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Los Angeles Music Awards' World Music Artists of the Year and Showcase Artists of the Year, "Spirit Soul & Friends" is a fun Musical Peace Troupe which bonds together a unique act of international musical flavors (Fusion, Ambient, New Age, R&B, Pop, Rock, Reggae, Island, Jawaiian, Urban, Rock and Jazz). They provide a family friendly show for any type of event. As the Music Team and Music Directors for the Art Miles Mural Project, this multi-talented versatile ensemble brings forth their common goal of taking music and dance to a higher level.

Performances include inspiring original compositions, uplifting cover songs with motivating, positive messages of love and peace with audience interaction. For private, corporate, and community venues, they can lighten up any party atmosphere with their music and captivating Yoga Dancers. For festival events, they can also provide strolling musicians who roam the festival grounds with melodic music, handing out healthy organic treats to both festival attendees and vendors.

"Spirit Soul & Friends" provides dynamic, upbeat, lively, soothing and meaningful entertainment exhibiting a positive, loving message intended for all cultures worldwide. Audiences of all ages will definitely keep singing and dancing long after this memorable performance. "Spirit Soul And Friends" - Taking Music to a Higher Level

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