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Accompanying people as coach (since 2006) and challenging them as trainer (since 1996) to BE themselves. I believe that if you want to get different results you need to change the WAY you do them.

I get inspiration in my work from: Alain Cardon, Tim Ferriss, Ken Blanchard, Tom Peters and Malcolm Gladwell.

So far, I have led and implemented leadership, team coaching, change or team development projects for more than 56 romanian and international companies, to more than 5.900 participants during approximately 9.800 hours of training and coaching. Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with International Coach Federation (ICF).

If you're curious to learn more about me please visit: raresmanolescu.ro (in romanian for the moment)

- Team Coaching and Individual Coaching using Alain Cardon's systemic approach

- Customized solutions based on licensed tools from The Ken Blanchard Companies, Inscape Publishing International, Human Synergistics, Tom Peters Company

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