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  1. Erik Wernquist
  3. Sweetgrass Productions
  4. Pixar Graphics
  5. Jeremy Clapin
  6. Cartoon Brew
  7. BRITDOC Foundation
  8. Tangible Media Group
  9. studiomir
  10. Bully Entertainment
  11. Gaumont Animation
  12. BLR_VFX
  13. ECV - École de Com. Visuelle
  14. Lisa Park
  15. Tom Lowe
  16. GMU-TV
  17. Shimi Cohen
  18. hybrid medical animation

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  1. WoW.. that is just some amazing stuff going on there!
  2. This is very similar in concept to a service we've been using in Canada for nearly 20yrs, called Casting Workbook http://www.castingworkbook.com/ Are there any notable differences?
  3. Do adult women actually hide under the covers when they think there's a male intruder in their house? Probably not, but still, great job on the film and creating a genuine sense of dread.