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Segun Akinola is a composer who believes in music without boundaries.

After being introduced to the world of film music he began to pour himself into every style and genre of film and television. He wanted to learn and understand the language of each medium and the different ways in which music can function within a scene; the ways in which music aids a viewer's experience and the way in which it can reach into the depths of a being and force us as viewers to connect with a character and share their emotions.

Segun also has a great interest in music production; he counts legendary veterans Quincy Jones and David Foster as his favourite producers of yesteryear whilst his favourite producers of today are Mark Ronson, Rick Rubin, Ryan Tedder and Timbaland.

"I believe that music is about emotion" he says, "it could be a feeling of joy, it could be a feeling of anticipation and it could of course be a feeling of melancholy but for me this is what music is about, this is why it speaks to us as humans; this is why I write music".

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