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Elmira, Ontario

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Dr. M. Darrol Bryant was raised on the prairies of North Dakota. He received his B.A.in Philosophy and Political Science from Concordia College in Minnesota, USA, his S.T.B. from Harvard Divinity School, Harvard University, USA and his MA and PhD from the Institute of Christian Thought at the University of St. Michael's College in the University of Toronto, Canada. He has been teaching since 1967 and has taught at Renison College in the University of Waterloo since 1973. He is a Professor of Religion and Culture and has been the Chair of the Department of Religious Studies at University of Waterloo. He has authored/edited eighteen volumes in the study of religion including A World Broken by Unshared Bread, God: The Contemporary Discussion, and Religion In A New Key. He has just completed editing a volume on Muslim Christian Dialogue: Problems and Promise. For the past twenty years he has been deeply involved in interfaith dialogue and the dialogue of religions. He has spent two sabbaticals in India, together with his family, exploring the many religious communities of India.

Ever since his childhood on the plains of Dakota near a Native American reservation, Darrol had been keen to know more about his own Christian faith and the faiths of others. That passion has continued and deepened through his studies and through many opportunities to meet people of different faiths in their own settings -- e.g., in ashrams, temples, masjids and gurdwaras in India, in Buddhist monasteries in Korea, Sri Lanka and Japan, and in masjids in Egypt and Turkey.

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