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  1. 06:47

    Collaborations With Jason Robert Bell

    by Marni Kotak

    2 Videos

    Collaborations with husband, artist Jason Robert Bell, father of Baby Ajax.

  2. 01:09:17

    Found Performances

    by Marni Kotak

    12 Videos

    Kotak's “Found Performances”, or works based on daily activities, experiences, or accomplishments, include staged re-enactments of her own birth, attending her grandfather’s…

  3. 50:06

    Raising Baby X: Little Brother

    by Marni Kotak

    22 Videos

    "Raising Baby X: Little Brother" is an ongoing collaboration between Marni Kotak and her son Ajax (aka Baby X), who she gave birth to in Microscope Gallery on October 25, 2011 as a work…

  4. 31:25

    Raising Baby X: The First Year

    by Marni Kotak

    14 Videos

    A year-long project in raising a child as a work of performance art.

  5. 14:11

    The Marni Show

    by Marni Kotak

    3 Videos

    Short videos of myself and Ajax advertising the products our life 'sponsors.'

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