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sevra&stas are two visual artists from Cologne, Germany. They started with a visual concept for a series of "visual-music-clips" for the Cologne based technolabel Traumschallplatten. While producing the clips with After Effects, Flash and Modul8 they got deeper into the field of vjing and started playing liveshows.
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  1. Company 3
  2. Vitùc
  3. schoenheitsfarm production
  4. WeFadeToGrey GmbH
  5. Institut Fuer Musik Und Medien
  6. Preston Kanak
  7. Philip Bloom extras
  8. Zacuto
  9. visiophone
  10. Stargate Studios
  11. F-Stop Academy
  12. Philip Bloom
  13. Edward Aites
  14. jacob rendell
  15. elektroaktivisten
  16. Lorenz Rhode
  17. Harry Frank
  18. vj Lab

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