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I'm Sylvester Ho, you can also call me Sly, I'm the latest addition to Ichiro Films family!

My wedding cinematography life started upon graduating with a major in multimedia design, and I have been doing this professionally for more than a year now.

To me, a wedding is about two persons beginning a new chapter of life together. And being a witness to this once in a lifetime event, and being given the important job of capturing the moments... is still amazing for me.

So you can imagine how it was on my first day, one year ago. I woke up earlier than expected, prepared myself, and didn't even remember to have my breakfast before turning up at the bride's place!

The excitement I felt at the Bride's house kept me going through the day, and the feeling I get is still keeping me passionate about my job! From then on, my philosophy was to enjoy, and to feel each moment of each wedding, and to capture them all down.

Under the mentorship of Ichiro Films, things will only get better! Please give me any constructive comments as I begin to share some of my work! :D

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