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I'm a Aries. Baptist, and straight up Genealogy Griot for my FAmily in all Ways. Keeper of Records. History Detective! Binders Full of Ancestors Lady!
I made my Dream come True, next time I want to do it even Bigger and Better!

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  1. I'm still here family.....took a lil time to deal with losing my Mom last year, but you know how we do....We rise, we rise, we rise.....proud of you...hang tough cuz!
  2. No Problem! been missing you! I hope this Encourages Folks to keep pressing. I felt them on me too when I did this. Thanks for stopping by!
  3. Go 'head cousin with your bad self. Them ancestors are smiling smiles big as the sun watching you do your thing. Making us all feel like we part of your story. Clearly have prompted me to get my self and gear and do the same..... Muataa