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This very moment I am doing a school project where Russell Brand is
the main source of inspiration.
DTRB chose to analyze Brand more as a product in this project,
rather than a person.
The key guidelines have been things Russell talks about, twisted humor and a bit of his spirit, in my own interpretation.
It is up to You to decide where you want the reality to end and the fiction to begin.

Please feel free to criticize, all criticism is good criticism as long as it is constructive.

Also in no matter of time there will be a homepage where you can read more about this project, for instance; that it’s based on a social experiment, why it’s based on a social experiment, how this idea came to life, and what the results of it are so far.

So welcome back for updates very soon

Also you can follow DTRB at:
Facebook - facebook.com/DTRBInc
Twitter - @DTRB_Inc


  1. Joakim Antonsson