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Hi.....I'm Troy I live in Jakarta Indonesia. I grew up in Sydney Australia. My interests / passions in life are breeding & racing horses, a nice Harley ride on a early Sunday morning. I'm fortunate to be the Father to Natasha, Nikita & Jakob , great kids & love them dearly. I started PT Cobra November 1993 . I had a great start to business only to be humbled during the 1997 crisis. But through team work & not losing faith in our goals. Cobra today with its 6000 full time direct sales agents, I would think is the most dynamic effective direct marketing organisations in Indonesia, . We have people & offices in most main cities in Indonesia with greater coverage than the Indonesian post office .We have helped many other companies in Indonesia achieve marketing success through predominantly acquisitions type business......If you need to know more your welcome to call me or catch me on face book or twitter..Cheers...


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