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  1. 04:26:49

    Collecting Art History Symposium—Saturday, February 22, 2014

    by Visual Arts Center

    7 Videos

    Collecting Art History focuses on the invaluable work by collectors of African-American and African Diaspora art—from amateur or modest collectors through to professional collectors and institutions—in…

  2. 43:24


    by Visual Arts Center

    10 Videos

    A collection of events from UT's Visual Arts Center.

  3. 16:31:11


    by Visual Arts Center

    44 Videos

    Video snips of performances and events, as well as an audio archive of lectures, artist talks, and panel conversations at the Visual Arts Center.

  4. 00:42

    Friends of the VAC

    by Visual Arts Center

    2 Videos

    Videos from others about the Visual Arts Center

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