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I am a visual storyteller and multimedia producer at the Bombay Flying Club, mainly working on my own long-term, in-depth, documentary photographic projects around the world. Currently am working on a set of multimedia documentaries about the global commons water, seed and land: White Gold investigates the social and environmental effects of global cotton production, while my new visual research project Landrush analyzes the impact of large-scale agro-investments on rural economies and landrights around the world. Both series are part of the collaborative art and research project World of Matter.
In 2011 my Film Texas Blues won the German Reporter Award for the best German web-documentary, 2013 the White Gold project won the German Development Media Award and in 2012 I served on the jury of the Lumix Award. In 2010 I founded Aggreys Dream, a project supporting a school in a slum in Mombasa, Kenya.
Besides my photographic practice I am teaching photography and multimedia storytelling at the the Akademie für Publizistik in Hamburg, the HFK Bremen, the Fachhochschule Bielefeld as well as the Freelens Multimedia Storytelling Workshops.
Here I am featuring some of the videos from the workshops as well as some of my own stuff.

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  • www.uwehmartin.de
  • Bombay Flying Club - Bombay Flying Club is an audio visual story house specializing in web documentaries. Our main goal is to develop photojournalism and storytelling for the web.


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