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A Feast for the Senses Concert - 23 April 2010

This concert was a celebration of the relationship between music and the other senses. This is something that has always fascinated me as a composer, as you’ll hear in Intoxicating Orchids. But what was a particular joy for me has been to see the birth of three brilliant, and highly individual new pieces commissioned especially for this concert, written by Nina Whiteman, James Stephenson and Gavin Osborn. It is very exciting to see how this concept has resonated in such personal ways through their new compositions.

This concert is part of a bigger project resulting in the creation of CD of my music, which includes a recording of Intoxicating Orchids, with Prima Facie Recordings. I'm very grateful to all the musicians here, and for the financial support of the Ida Carroll Trust, the John S Cohen Foundation, the RVW Trust and the University of Manchester. If you are interested in purchasing a copy of this CD please visit

Gavin Osborn – flute
Tom Verity – clarinet / bass clarinet
Suzanne Clare – clarinet
John Barker – saxophone
Stephen Pycroft – percussion
Richard Casey – harpsichord
Helen Tonge – violin
Catherine Landen – violin
Laura Robinson – viola
Nikki Hicks – viola
Alice Purton – cello
Theo Vinden – cello
Stewart Wilson – double bass
James Stephenson – conductor


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  2. Surround Wunderbar Studio