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    by Maarten Toner joined

    502 Videos / 5,106 Members

    Welcome to the original Do It Yourself Film Tool group. We are trying to collect as many practical tips, filmtool ideas and "build your own" videos as possible. From 3D setups, dolly…

  2. The Good Stuff

    by Nenad Micic joined

    6,455 Videos / 7,239 Members

    The Good Stuff videos! A growing collection of the nice selected videos! :-) Thanks Related channel: http://vimeo.com/channels/thegoodstuff

  3. Food - video recipes

    by Tinefis joined

    528 Videos / 680 Members

    This is a group for video recipes. Are you cooking dinner or baking a cake? Whip out your camera and cook together a video recipe at the same time, then share it with others in this group. Simple! Please…


    by Divine Agency joined

    18 Videos / 2 Members

  5. Coffee

    by Yen-Chen joined

    7 Videos / 6 Members

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