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As a native Angelino, I have experienced a tremendous amount of cultural diversity throughout my lifetime; from my upbringing in Virgil Village (just west of a now heavily gentrified Echo Park and Silver Lake), to my journeys to areas such as Watts, East Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley and West Hollywood. My developing and ever-expanding knowledge of these places has provided me with a greater comprehension of people as a whole. I recognize that come we all come from different walks of life. The approaches, positions and representations that I utilize within film, photography, literature (and other forms of art) attempt to convey that knowledge.

I am a bicyclist and maintain a consciousness of my impact upon nature (both human and nonhuman). I am a traveler and a environmental activist; a dreamer and conduit of peace that visualizes new possibilities for life within dense urban areas. As a visual artist I have been welcomed into various communities all across the United States, from Louisiana and Arizona, to my most recent location in Arcata-- which is located in northern Humboldt county. In short, I am two-spirit being, human(e) in my endeavors, wild in thought, and sincere in actions. From north to south, east to west, I am Michael Ray De Los Angeles.


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