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  1. 2014 CalArts Character Animation Student Films

    by CalArts Character Animation subscribed to

    120 Videos / 1,396 Followers

    The films featured in this channel are made by BFA1 through BFA4 students in the Character Animation Program at CalArts (School of Film/Video), in 2014. Each student makes his or her own film, individually. Visit…

  2. Selected Animations & Motiongraphics

    by mariolo subscribed to

    854 Videos / 673 Followers

    only good animation and art direction...any animation technique is allowed!!

  3. Motionographer

    by Motionographer subscribed to

    630 Videos / 1,749 Followers


  4. Bad Ass Motion Graphics

    by EJ Hassenfratz subscribed to

    1,469 Videos / 3,666 Followers

    Inspirational motion graphics pieces that are just bad ass!

  5. Best of Cel Animation

    by rafael araújo subscribed to

    159 Videos / 699 Followers

    Lovers of 2d? frame by frame? hand-draw? classic animation? Use flash, after effects, photoshop animation, or other? Just appreciate? So here is your place! For submit, use the shout box or…

  6. 2D FX Extravaganza

    by Thijs Viegers subscribed to

    536 Videos / 2,331 Followers

    A channel dedicated to bring you the best hand drawn effects animation. For submissions: Use the box below, or send a message. Everything with smooth moving 2D effects will be added. twitter:…

  7. Lineboil - Boiling Hot Character Animation

    by Aaron Simpson subscribed to

    1,036 Videos / 904 Followers

    Lineboil.com feeds you boiling-hot animated videos every day, and all we ask for in return is your soul. A fair shake if there ever was one.

  8. Cheatin' Production Blog

    by Bill Plympton subscribed to

    32 Videos / 201 Followers

    Follow Bill Plympton as he makes his upcoming animated feature, "Cheatin'". With installments every two weeks, Bill will discuss the project from inspiration to finished feature, giving…

  9. Falling Jaw

    by Joao subscribed to

    426 Videos / 146 Followers

    Watch carefully, falling jaws imminent.

  10. fav

    by Ryounggyo Lee subscribed to

    4 Videos / 3 Followers


  11. Flipbooks!

    by Mr. Papoo subscribed to

    266 Videos / 27 Followers

    A channel dedicated to showing Flipbooks.

  12. Illustrated Motion

    by Limbert Fabian subscribed to

    253 Videos / 111 Followers

    A Motion Design Channel Curated by Limbert Fabian.

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