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There are two things that motivate me; ONE is inspiring ideas and TWO the desire to improve the world around me. When I create an experiential event, execute a music strategy or develop an advertisement, I strive to do it differently otherwise we are just making more noise to be ignored. I don’t believe in perfection but I am satisfied when I contribute to a Big Idea, one that is produced strategically and engages audiences through multiple channels.

Artists and their music are a top consumer passion point, yet most brands and agencies underutilized or treat this asset as an after thought. Music to me is a driving creative force that inspires the top line ideas, the storyboards, the experience and the dialogue. Only a legitimate music strategy can create an authentic partnership that successfully engages an artist’s fans.

I love working with people and collaborating on creative projects.
I excel at creative ideas inspired by music, developing brand positioning and executing music production to deliver an ROI. I am interested in creating emotional connections and contributing meaningful work/art, which communicates the desired message.

I have been interviewed by Billboard and Spin Magazine, moderated and spoke at conferences including SXSW, CMJ and NXNE. When I have time I love to compose music and contemplate why the world exists.

• Creative Direction (Storytelling through the lens of music).
• Art Direction (Branding esthetics for the target).
• Experiential Creative (Interactive events).
• Content Production (Video, Audio and Digital).
• Music Strategy (Brand positioning for effective engagement).
• Music Supervision (Searches, Licensing and Contact negotiations).
• Music Production (Original composition from scores to remixes).

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