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The Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Richmond, Virginia offers a variety of graduate and undergraduate degrees in design, fine and performing arts, with a unique emphasis on creative immersion. Far more than simply an education or preparation for a career, students leave VCUarts with the practical, professional and personal skills needed to make a life in the arts, no matter how they define it. That’s why our programs emphasize both doing and knowing. Why the majority of our faculty are working artists. Why we encourage students to take advantage of the many academic and intellectual opportunities that come with being part of a research university. Today, our graduates can be found throughout the academic and professional fields, and have been recognized with everything from Emmys to MacArthur Fellowships.

US News & World Report ranks VCUarts as the #1 public university arts and design graduate program in the country.

The Virginia Commonwealth University campus is extremely diverse, which is an important factor for many of our students. VCUarts is comprised of sixteen programs and more than 3,000 students. With the inclusion of our campus in Qatar, come an additional 6 programs and another 254 students. It began as one night class taught by Theresa Pollak in the fall of 1928.

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