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The aircraft in these videos is a homebult Bushby Mustang ll, built over an eleven year period and which I first flew in the spring of 1981. Though the design was Bob Bushby's the rights are now owned by Mustang Aeronautics. The aircraft is a joy to fly and I hope that comes through in some of the video's I'm putting together. Enjoy the flights with me and if you're looking for a great adventure, do give thought to building a Mustang ll. An amazing aircraft.


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  1. Another nice clip Chris. I did part of my flight training there 1958 and 59 flying the old Fleet Canucks. Sorry to hear they finally closed this airport. It held great memories and was superbly located. Last landed there in 87, same runway!
  2. It's been quite a few years since I flew that route out of Regina (to Vancouver Island) so it was great to see it again and you had superb weather for the flight. Thanks for sharing. got MUCH faster fuel service. :-)