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Veda Sereem
A master teacher and performer known for her elegance, grace and spirit. Véda has been teaching her technique and performing since 1974. She has performed at many establishments including the famous Astor restaurant in Washington D.C., The Scheherezade also in D.C., The Lankford Hotel, and The Acropolis both in Florida. She was the first mid-eastern dancer to perform in the Walt Disney World Musical Showcase. Another milestone for her was the opening of the first middle eastern dance studio in Central Florida in 1977 where she lived for five years. Disney World, as well as hotels and convention centers depended on Véda's referrals for dancers to perform in their venues. Véda studied with Veydah Edwards and Anne Lippe. Through the years she has sponsored many world renowned instructors for seminars and workshops for the benefit of her students.

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