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Orialys Vilarino is a Video Production & Post-Production creative working in Miami, NY, and DC!

Velvet Heaven Films produces high-quality, brand driven, creative HD videos. Working closely with our clients from pre-production through post-production in order to produce innovative content that communicates the brands message while working within a wide range of budgets.

VHF has produced successful videos for various campaigns for Quaker, Olay, Pantene, Head & Shoulders, Procter & Gamble's Orgullosa and Visa among others. Check some of the videos out!

When Orialys is not producing web videos, shooting or editing, and advancing her technical skills, she works freelance as a Production Supervisor on big budget TV Commercials. Due to Orialys' hard work, professionalism, and overall awesomeness, she has been privileged to work with some of the best Directors, Producers, and Production Companies from LA, NY, Chicago, and Miami. Making extraordinary commercials for Hennessy, Mitsubishi, McDonald's, American Express, Visit Florida, and many more - check out velvetheavenfilms.com - Orialys' Freelance section.

Everything Orialys learns from the big commercial jobs she bring to the creation and production of the digital content videos we produce at Velvet Heaven Films.

email: orialys.vilarino@gmail.com
Instagram: oreovilarino

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