Venice, Italy

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venice>connected is the official City Guide for Venice, available in five languages.

Discover and enjoy the very best of Venice with us!

venice>connected is your source of Venice travel information. Find out about travel to Venice and how to get around once you've arrived. We've got Venice public transport covered including airport transfers, public transport - waterbuses, city buses and trams - in Venice and to all the Islands.

There are thousands of exciting Venice events taking place, spanning theatre, music, dance, cinema, art exhibitions and special events. Plan ahead with our events calendar! Find out what's happening in the most beautiful city in the world and enjoy some of Venice's wonderful special events!

You can book the main tourist services offered by the city on-line at reduced rates, easily and securely, such as:

* public transport in Venice and to all the Islands
* transfer bus to/from the airport
* transfer waterbus to/from the airport
* city museums, including the Doge's Palace
* wireless Internet connection service
* car parking
* public toilets and nurseries
* Limited Traffic Zone ZTL for tourist buses
* wedding at the Town Hall.

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