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dancer and choreographer, based in Vienna
studies of contemporary dance @ Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität Linz, Austria
thesis: Dance in the philosophy of Jean-Luc Nancy

own work:
Collective Contact (2013)
Facebook goes Analogue (2013) - in collaboration with Jasmin Schaitl
Performances with Markus Steinkellner idklang (2013)
Kitchentalk (2012) - in collaboration with Keith Lim
Blast it. An execution of love (2012) - choreography: Verena Steiner, dance: Sandra Hanschitz
Sensations of Absence (2010)
repceive (2009)

music (songwriting, piano, singing)

Performed for and with choreographers, musicians and visual artists. Among others: The Bureau for the future of choreography (NY, a.o. Moriah Evans, Evelyn Donelly, Will Rawls und Suzan Polat), Mårten Spångberg (S), Andrea Müller cy.ancal (Ö), Abhilash Ningappa (IND), rosidant (Ö), Gloria Gammer (Ö), Nadia Lauro (F), Hubert Lepka Lawine Torren (Ö).

Scholarships: Danceweb 2011, Critical Endeavour 2011, Training scholarship Tanzquartier 2011, Advancement scholarship Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität 2010


  1. Jana Jevtovic
  2. Robert Tyree
  3. daniel kok diskodanny
  4. Nandita Kumar
  5. Susanne Foisner

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