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Veritas Productions is a premiere video production studio and video media company headquartered in Fairfield, Connecticut. Servicing enterprising professionals and organizations, we are an integrated, full-service studio capable of successfully implementing any video project from the earliest phases of concept development through to execution and delivery. Combining our passion for creative communications and our expertise in video production we deliver custom productions tailored to achieve your goals and objectives.

Veritas has worked closely with a diverse range of clients from real estate agencies to law firms to produce engaging video content for any medium including websites, DVDs or broadcasts.

Our Promise
Our primary criterion for any project is excellence. The quality of your film will never be sacrificed. Excellence at Veritas extends into consistently professional service and competitive pricing.

Veritas also prides itself on delivering a creative edge. If you are looking to present your company or product in a new way don't settle for the same production. We have a fresh perspective and a trained eye ensuring it will look excellent.

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