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Seattle, WA

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Collaborating across mediums and curating multi-arts events is a passion of Victoria's and the Fremont Abbey Arts Center has become a creative home for her in many ways. This unique space has introduced her to a supportive network of artists; to deeper insights into her own dancing; and to the insight that musicians, film makers, and visual artists of all genres can lend to the process of dancing and making dances.

Growing up in California, Victoria, earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from Belhaven University and traveled to dance in places such as Sacramento, New York City, and Japan. In 2009, she was drawn to the beautiful Northwest and the arts community there. Since moving to Seattle, she has performed for, choreographed on or collaborated with many wonderful artists including: Alana O Rogers, Tara Dyberg/Lotus Body, Coriolis Dance Collective, with musicians Noah Gundersen and Julia Massey and film maker Brad Curran.

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