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    Urban Outdoor / Mapping-Video-Installation

    by Philipp Geist | Videogeist

    54 Videos

    CV Philipp Geist The Berlin artist Philipp Geist (1976) works internationally as an artist with the mediums of video- / light installation, photography and painting. On 16 may 2013 Geist received…

  2. 02:12:12

    LIVE AV Performance Projects / Audio Visuelle Projekte

    by Philipp Geist | Videogeist

    40 Videos

    LIVE AV Performance Projects / Audio Visuelle Projekte

  3. 00:00

    riverine zones

    by Philipp Geist | Videogeist

    11 Videos

    RIVERINE ZONES Video-Water-Project by Philipp Geist http://www.riverine.videogeist.de In his video-room installation 'RIVERINE ZONES', multimedia artist Philipp Geist displays video recordings…

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