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Videohammer Studios is a video production company based in NJ and Florida. Videohammer Studios has joined forces with the awesome record producers at Audiohammer Studios to create Get Hammered Productions. Headed up by video director, Tommy Jones, our video production crew has worked with the likes of Testament, Lamb of God, Kataklysm, Death Angel, Stone Sour, All Shall Perish, All That Remains, Suffocation, John Legend, Mindless Self Indulgence, Soilwork, Nuclear Blast Records, Century Media, and Universal Music, just to name a few.

Small single camera shoots and touring, to large scale multi-angle live shoots, music videos, video promo, or documentaries, Videohammer Studios can work within your budget to give you industry quality video production at an affordable rate. Feel free to contact us to talk about your project.

From hip hop to metal...and everything in between.

Videohammer Studios offers:
music videos
live shoots (multitrack Pro Tools audio recording and HD video)
EPKs (electronic press kits)
DVD production

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