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  1. Filmgate Miami/Philip Bloom 3-Day Masterclass Videos

    by chandler kravitz joined

    12 Videos / 14 Members

    Share your work from the Philip Bloom workshop here! Don't be shy!

  2. bicycle lovers

    by 3d60 joined

    10.1K Videos / 2,943 Members

    Freedom, exercise, travel and connivence.... all in one easy to use and maintain package.... bikes are fab, join us in an odyssey or passion for bikes, cycles, velocipedes whatever you call em...…

  3. WorldCycle Videos

    by Blanche joined

    2,617 Videos / 1,869 Members

    - LONG DISTANCE CYCLE TOURING - self-supporting, overnight & panniers on >> For all who enjoy the adventure of cycle touring the world. Get inspired and add your films! >>…

  4. Travel Channel

    by Fred Glick joined

    26 Videos / 18 Members

    Where have you been? Add the video and let's compare, interact and enjoy!

  5. Canon C300

    by Texas Media Systems joined

    420 Videos / 105 Members

    Like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Canon-C300-Cinema-EOS-Camera/416663368416545 $2000 Instant Rebate Announced! Instant Rebate + 0% Lease Promo: $13999 ($15999 - $2000) / 24 Payments…


    by Agence Divine joined

    124 Videos / 56 Members

  7. Glidecam Footage (All Models)

    by O2HD joined

    241 Videos / 97 Members

    If love that feeling every time you wear your vest and start shooting smooth footage, if you are addicted and fascinated by the way it handles or if you wanna share your stabilized shots and you work…

  8. Final Cut Pro Editors

    by Fred Beahm joined

    5,432 Videos / 1,616 Members

  9. Community Based Tutorials

    by Vimeo Video School joined

    1,596 Videos / 6,086 Members

    Vimeo Video School is made up of billions of video tutorials made by Vimeo members. Do you make video tutorials? Do you know of any good tutorials that we should know about? Submit them here! http://vimeo.com/videoschool

  10. Canon Cinema EOS C100 / C300 / C500 / 1D C User Group

    by H. Paul Moon joined

    2,435 Videos / 1,852 Members

    C300 | BUY NOW: EF-mount: http://bhpho.to/eosC300 PL-mount: http://bhpho.to/eosC300PL C100 | BUY NOW: EF-mount: http://bhpho.to/eosc100 C500 | BUY NOW: EF-mount: http://bhpho.to/eosC500 PL-mount:…

  11. AudiR8Spyder.com

    by audir8spyder joined

    11 Videos / 2 Members

    all things Audi R8 Spyder

  12. Automotive HD

    by CoPa Productions joined

    9,102 Videos / 2,630 Members

    If you enjoy the sound of loud exhaust and burning rubber of American muscle. The whistle of a turbo engine spooling up, or the class and distinction of European engineering. This is a place for…

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