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Vikash Rai started his career at the age of 18 by getting into the world of media. Through sure hard work and dedication towards his work, Vikash worked on end number of projects, including projects of the Cadbury Bournvita Quiz Contest, Discovery Channel, Brand Equity Quiz, Channel V, CRY, Sony Entertainment Television, Pogo, Zee, Doordarshan, ICICI Bank (New Jersey and New York), Wikkid Plus Channel (Pakistan) and more. The list carries on with his work for National University of Colombia and Ministry of Culture’s Cinematographic Direction Department Bogota Colombia, Satpuda Foundation, UNICEF, PSI Group, Mumbai Smiles and more. From Production Executive to Production Manager, Online and Offline Editor, Line Producer, Director, Producer and Photographer, Sound Recordist to Sound/Music Editor, Music Producer and a DJ, Vikash undertakes new challenges every day. For sure shot 12 years in media, Vikash is here to stay for long.


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  1. Thanks for posting Vikash. Its such a pity the episodes cannot be made available online. All our hard work has got trapped. Thanks!!!