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Village is a new independent art bookstore and publishing house coming soon to central Leeds, specializing in self-published zines from local and international artists, as well as selected art, design, fashion and photography books and magazines from established and independent publishers.
Leeds is a highly creative city with several independent galleries and project spaces for many different disciplines. We hope to expand this scene by acting as creative hub for the city, developing the links between these projects and helping to create a cohesive artistic community.
Our aim is to develop the art community in Leeds by providing exposure for up and coming artists and inspiring greater interest in art in the city by hosting special events, workshops and talks from influential people in the field.
We want to create an environment that is welcoming, friendly and unpretentious where people who are interested in art can meet, hangout and browse with an in-store gallery and café.
Beyond the store, we plan to contribute to the Leeds art community as a whole by hosting events and exhibitions around the city and supporting local art projects, with the aim to expand to other cities in the future.
It is an ambitious project which we hope one day will be something that Leeds residents can be proud of and feel a strong association to. We are currently seeking £5000 to secure finance in order to make Village a reality, visit our Sponsume page to donate and receive some pretty nifty rewards:

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