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Vincent Genna, MSW, is an author, dynamic speaker, spiritual teacher, and master psychic medium. His work has been featured on major national and international television and radio programs, and in national magazine publications. Over the past 29 years, Vincent’s life experience, extraordinary psychic gifts and authenticity have allowed him to inspire and change the lives of thousands of people around the world by helping them see their magnificence.
From a very young age, Vincent’s creative talents served as a source of life-saving resilience and on graduating high school, he pursued a career as a professional actor and singer. His career includes performances in various major television, musical theatre, and movie productions, such as the original movie “Grease” with John Travolta and Olivia Newton John. At 28, Vincent experienced a spontaneous spiritual ascension after a series of paranormal events that redirected his life and purpose and caused him to develop psychic abilities. Letting go of the need to be a full-time actor, Vincent awakened to his soul’s true mission and purpose—working with people who want to explore their consciousness and experience deep spiritual and personal growth and evolvement. Vincent’s more than 38 years of experiences as a performer, metaphysician, and psychotherapist, along with his intuitive abilities, the wisdom gained from working with the dying, and his all-loving, compassionate approach make him a highly effective enlightened messenger, inspirational speaker, and an internationally beloved spiritual teacher.
Vincent is a spiritual counselor for individuals, couples, and families of all ages. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Master’s degree in Social Work, and studied with well-known spiritual masters to enhance his abilities as a messenger and teacher. Some of Vincent’s greatest insights have been gained as a Hospice Clinical Social Worker for Duke University and Medical Center. He has helped more than 500 patients peacefully transition through their dying process, while comforting and supporting their families and friends. Vincent is a metaphysician, working with individuals and groups by in-tuning to their soul, angels, and God to obtain guiding messages he uses to help them recognize and clear blockages that are stopping them from connecting with their highest selves. Through this, he empowers you to heal concerns of body, mind, and spirit. Vincent transcended a youth of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse and torment and dedicates all his talents to inspire people to see their magnificence and believe in themselves, so they can use all their Divine gifts to fulfill their dreams and create the lives they want

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