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Metamorphosis Outreach Empowerment Center also known as MOEC is lead by God and overseen by Tim and Miki Collier who pastor with purpose and a passion for all people. The mission is clear “Love the People and lead them to Christ”.

Our vision is to build a nucleus where the spirit of the Lord can dwell in love to Empower people through biblical principles with practical concepts for everyday living while Renewing minds.
To Enhance our community by helping build and Rebuild lives through programs that provide life tools for quality living.
Also to Elevate the conscious and Restore hope. Creating a place that will become the center of many lives where a metamorphosis continuously takes place.
MOEC is more than ministry its an outreach its a center its our home. A place where we are free to be who we are. It’s where imperfect people gather resting in the grace of a perfect God.

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