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Visual Ambrosia® is a differently entertaining style of wallpaper video atmosphere.

IT'S DESIGNED TO CALM ATMOSPHERE, no more. And we believe, as a tranquilizer without side effects, it works the room nicely, doing little more than visually steadily refresh the atmosphere with endlessly varied, decorative glimpses.

This video style reverses video information from interpreting narrative information one to purely decorative information, randomly sequienced, The entertainment element, the benefits, materialize in corners, not much more than the thought, "I like that.", setting what becomes a satisfactory, graphic-like metronome, muted, intelligent, separately OK. Recognitions, approvals of gliding decorative information, accumulate; then snap, you like what you see. This video style works, neutrally, and promotes calm,… effectively,…simply. Many find these movies more interesting, the more they watch.

Visual Ambrosia™ is a blend of crisp focus, novel depth of field configurations, recognizable imagery, photorealism, abstraction, surprise, rhythmic video motion, symmetry and asymmetry.

And, for many viewers inclined to appreciate graphic detail, Visual Ambrosia™ is a bit more. For those viewers, it’s about juxtaposition, restful color, subtle tangents, playful puzzles: meditative, a usefully meditative template, almost a tranquilizer without side effects.

Practice watching Visual Ambrosia™, an unfamiliar style of video; it’s an easy game to learn. Novel, it takes watching a bit to get the drift. Gradually, the momentum, the progressions stir one to enjoy noticing more, the more one watches. Sampling multiple video clips, available and downloadable, in HD as well as Higher-than-HD resolution, at pages, convey this best.

Not for everyone, actually an acquired video taste, watching Visual Ambrosia’s style of decorative video can become a lifestyle diversion for imaginative mindsets and for those passionate about colorful details.

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