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George Vithoulkas was born in Athens, Greece (1932). He has acquired numerous rewards and recognitions, the most prestigious being the "Right Livelihood Award", also known as the "Alternative Nobel Prize", awarded to him in 1996 for upgrading Classical Homeopathy to the standard of a science.
In 1995, he established the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy (IACH) in Alonissos, Greece, where he serves as Head of Educational Department (Educator). In this Academy, he gives over the knowledge gleaned from his 50 years of his experience and teaches his most current theories regarding levels of health. 
9.000 medical doctors and homeopathic practitioners from 32 countries have been trained in the Academy.
George Vithoulkas is a peer reviewer in journals "Medical Science Monitor", "Homeopathy" (Elsevier) and "British Medical Journal".

His books have been translated in 23 languages.

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