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Ricardo is a visual artist from Portugal, who explores different methods of expression, exhibiting big part of his works in Ireland.
In 2011 he moved to Finland to expand his inspirations.
Ricardo's works are from a Wood sculpture to a large scale installation in Lycra.
There is no limits in expression for Ricardo.

In 2007 he wanted to complement his installations with more colour and motion so he started to create his own videos and manipulating them using VJ software, since he has been doing it for Art installation and open air festivals.

What makes him different from other VJ's is the use of real crystals in the video projections.

Crystalis wants to reflect his light with the help of a magical element in nature, crystals.
Crystals are a full spectrum of colour and light and a healing element.

He has shown his "Crystals" beside some of the biggest international names in electronic music.

"Lets share the light"

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