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Giuseppe D'Alessio,

Born 19 March 1989 in Caserta, a resident of Bologna. Began to attend art school, in the section of graphic design. During the years of study is passionate about the digital arts, photography, art installations. Finished high school and with the desire to continue their studies, deepen his inclinations and moved to Bologna in Bologna in 2007 to begin to attend the Academy of Fine Arts In the following years, he began taking an interest in the world of VJing and mapping, using the software Modul8 and MadMapper, participating in competitions and evenings, creating visual installations and collaborating with dJ's and clubs.
In October of 2012, on the occasion of RoBot05 (BO), was invited to collaborate with Aelion Project, for videomapping for Nathan Fake and James Holden. In January, 2013, he joined as a VJ in Aelion Project, where he still collaborates on the side of the team with the aim to bring together the various forms of art through the organization of events for the visual communication and interaction with the public.

Collaboration: Aelion Project Apparati Effimeri, LPM 2013, RoBot 05,Node.

Collaboration Dj: Nathan Fake,James Holden,Dj Ralf,Mitch,Maurizio Maurizi,Audio Louis,Light Minded,
The Suricate,Mad Professor,Asian Dub Fondation,Mr Williamz,Dreadsquad,Bandolero,Dub Engine,48 Roots,Bonnot.

Collaboration: Aelion Project Apparati Effimeri, LPM 2013, RoBot 05.

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