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VJ ( video jockey 'vee jaying') to mix video's in a club environment providing a visual stimulus to an event.

- [ projection mapping ] - using a projector to map light on a specific location in world space.

vee jaying has undergone a huge technical advancement in recent years ...

- using software the mapping can be achieved in a number of different ways. they can be affected in real time
and can be continually refined and developed. Visual sources can be created in this way and also be used to power these bespoke mapping systems.

VJ MONZ - Active visual artist and computer programmer dedicated to real time visual performance. Augmented through projection mapping, interactive applications, an array of controllers and home made software. VJ MONZ delivers an exiting live visual performance in club and installation settings. VJ MONZ has experience in architectural projection mapping, including delivering interactive elements to these works using the latest technologies. He has performed at Shogun Audio in Geneva (CH), the Mapping Festival (CH), Warning (UK), Spoonfed (UK), for many drum and bass artists.

VJ MONZ - can perform on pre - existing equipment for a considerably lower booking fee.

VJ MONZ - can provide projectors but will have to add the additional hire fee.

VJ MONZ - can provide stage set materials.



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