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Burcu Gündüz K studied Industrial Design and met video art while attending to Ulus Baker`s lectures at METU, Ankara. She got her MFA in graphic design in 2003, writing a thesis on the electronic music culture "Rave As Carnival". She has organized an independent Vj festival VJ Fest İstanbul (vjfestist.org) for five years. She organized workshops and talks, gave talks and wrote about vj art.

VJunk's live video work is a mixture of her drawings, recordings and found footage. Vjing since 2005, she had the chance to perform with Paul Oakenfold and Silicone Soul. She joined Live Performers Meeting in Rome, Freemote in Utrecht, Scope Sessions in Berlin, Occupy Yourself in Sofia, Zdravo Mladi in Skopje, Nodefest in İstanbul. With DJ Bessumi and VJ Vidbeat, she joined audiovisual events and university`s activities in Istanbul, Ankara and Cankiri where they shared their knowledge for free.

DJ Bessumi: soundcloud.com/bessumi (myspace.com/bessumi)
VJ Vidbeat: vimeo.com/vidbeat

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