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  1. 01:40:26

    Watch on a rainy day

    by Grant Willis (VK5GR)

    6 Videos

    When I have nothing else to do, I want to watch these!

  2. 07:37

    Nostalgia - 8mm Movies

    by Grant Willis (VK5GR)

    2 Videos

    Here is my Nostalgia album - made up of films I have transferred from my father's Standard8 and Super8 movie films taken over the last 50 years.

  3. 00:00

    The Community TV Project

    by Grant Willis (VK5GR)

    6 Videos

    An idea for a series of shows on community TV - view the world through the web - will need rights clearance to use

  4. 05:34

    Grant's Drama Films

    by Grant Willis (VK5GR)

    2 Videos

    Here is a collection of Dramatic style story films I have created or been involved with.

  5. 00:00

    My One Day On Earth 10.10.10

    by Grant Willis (VK5GR)

    12 Videos

    This is a collection of the footage I shot during the One Day On Earth project on 10.10.10

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