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  1. New VOD Title with 4K UHD:
  2. I found new stuff ready for 4k download and started to collect it here: Anyone is invited to join the group:
  3. Youtube provides 50fps, 60fps & 4K support. As a paid custumer, I'd like to have the same features or at least MORE SPACE each week to upload 4K files. 5GB is not enough !
  4. Great to hear ! Love you guys, but don't fall too far behind ! We are getting more 4k and 60fps requests from clients every week. (and youtube is streaming both already)
  6. Crux commented on Staff Blog
    What on Earth is an "IMAX TV" supposed to be? IMAX is a film format, it is roughly equivalent to 70mm film. So there are special IMAX cinema screens, but in the case of a TV screen, I believe the comparison with this film format is utterly irrelevant.