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Voices from the Nations Charity helps with projects that seek to promote and encourage indigenous cultural music and traditional storytelling, giving musicians and artists a voice and encouraging their God given gifts. By partnering with ethnic people groups (e.g. Tanzania and Cambodia) and recording their songs and dances on CD and DVD, Voices from the Nations has helped in situations of famine relief, repairing a well, building a medical dispensary and bringing light through solar panels. Sales from these recordings have become a lifeline for their locality, their innate musical style becoming a resource that has been able to bring in funds for their various community needs. 100% of sales from these projects have supported local initiatives.

Sing to the Well recorded in Tanzania, Africa, captures the songs of the Gogo people. This musical partnership has helped bring water and a medical dispensary with solar panels to their village. 100% of funds from Sing to the Well CD and DVD go back to the village.

Garlands for Ashes, a new musical project partnering with CCAMS in Cambodia. Their dream is to open an arts centre just outside Phnom Penh in Kompong Chnang (they have purchased land here) which would be a facility where they could grow their own food and have multiple buildings for school, auditorium and housing, enabling them to take in more children. 100% 0f funds from Garlands for Ashes will go towards this dream.

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