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WackaWacka is a video artist. He loves the dynamic improvisation of live mixing to different soundtracks. He creates and sources his materials from hacking and capturing analog distortions and programming and utilizing digital effects. He has hacked black and white CRT televisions into oscilloscope music visualizers for live performances. WackaWacka captures the beauty of distorted, destroyed media tools to turn frowns upside-down. Recently, as member of the art collective, Quartz Creatures he built an eight foot tall projection screen made from cow skeletons for live interactive visual installation.
Whether performing for 10, 100 or 1000 people at parties, clubs or festivals, the content and delivery of WackaWacka's visuals will be sure to penetrate and inspire deep levels of processing for the audience. Thanks for reading about me, I can't believe you got this far :)

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  • QuARTz Creatures - I am a member of the arts collective QuARTz Creatures. Check out our installations!
  • Installations - Check out videos of the installations I have built


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