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Waheed Khan has recently been directing/producing virals and commercials for clients including Save The Children & Islamic Relief.

He produced and directed commercials that were shown in over 50 cinemas in the Gulf region and viral campaigns for Doha Tribeca Film Institute in Qatar.

Waheed has over 10 years experience making films for various networks including the BBC and UK's Channel 4.

'Britain's Whitest Family', Waheed's documentary about Albino communities, gained numerous 'Pick of the Day' write-ups and was ‘Critics Choice’ in Time Out – London.

'Orange People' is Waheeds first drama short, a 'moc-shock-doc’ inspired by the high number of people tanning in the U.K wanting to have an all over 'healthy' orange glow. He was granted the Hitchcock Fund Award (Waltham Forest).

Waheed's films range from heavy hitting documentaries about sacrificial murder in Nobody's Child (BBC 2) cocaine smuggling in Body Packers (BBC 2) to bite sized high end films for the likes of The Culture Show and BBC 2`s RTS Award winning Desi DNA.

He has directed observational documentaries about art, dating, race, religion and beyond. Having filmed in prisons, schools, brothels and mosques, Waheeds stories have taken him to Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Jamaica and South Africa.

Waheed has a slate of four feature films: a British Asian Noir, a single location horror, a story based around the Grime / Dub Step music scene and a fish-out-of-water comedy set at the Olympics.


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