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Walter Dang, passionate since childhood about fabrics, shapes, and the possibility of changing volumes, took his first steps in the fashion world in the crowded workshops of French Haute Couture Institutions.

After graduating with a degree in Dressmaking and receiving immediate attention for his creativity and tailoring skills, he landed a number of fruitful collaborations with various Haute Couture houses in Paris.

Worn out and disappointed by the glittering, superficial world of fashion, Walter left the scene to spend more time on his other interests and activities.

In 2003, he moved to Italy and got involved with fashion again, but this time in a completely autonomous and personal way: he opened a boutique in Turin.

An invitation immediately arrived from Alta Moda Rome, to present his style: Walter Dang combines fresh talent for design with a mature style, along with a certain inspiration versatility and an indisputable international eye.

His Franco-Spanish-Vietnamese origins represent the foundation of his creativity and provide a constant source of inspiration.

Walter plays with fabrics, shapes, and colours: the creation of unique, tailored pieces with fine detail and multi-faceted references is part of a notion of couture and luxury which, along with the purest freedom of expression and all at an affordable cost, is now his signature trait.

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