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Print Designer from 1996 and now expert in UX and UI design.

I have been a teacher for 3 schools photography in Rome from 2009, workshops and photo services, commercial, fashion and glamor.

Many collaborations with VIPs and celebrities, as well as those made for designers.
Some are my exhibit in European art gallery.

My professional career started at a small agency in my city, for which I have developed presentation graphics and video meeting. Afterwards, my training has been characterized by a strong experience in prepress and photo-composition until you get to the layout and editing. The first assumption was made at the agency Vivagroup Ltd., as a web designer and graphic designer. Here I started to experience the contact with the audience and project management for major brand. In 2000, a new labor supply has implemented my professional growth, working with Biemme Adhesive Label spa as a graphic prepress to Palmolive products. I can say that this experience has given me a solid foundation for my professional profile. Not wanting to stop the world “pre-design” (let the term), I wanted to expand my knowledge in the publishing industry, visual and photographic, looking outside Italy in countries like the United States, England and France . In 2001 I had the opportunity to be responsible for the graphic section of a publishing house, for sports magazines. Here, I have cared for four monthly magazines in the layout, photo editing and covers. I had the opportunity to design advertorials and press campaigns for Adidas, Nike, Rai, Sole 24 ore Group, Cinecittà Holding, organizations and municipalities. In 2003 I started collaborating with the preparation of the Football Association in the Division of Soccer 5 – NLD (National Amateur League). For them, there are many events that I worked, from the creation of visuals for various types of events, to the design of brochures and promotional material (banners, scenery, gadgetistica).

In 2003 I am certified with Roland Europe for large format printing (plotter printing and cutting), and I have taken courses with Mauro Boscarol with regard to the world of “color”.

From 2005 he began a new experience with the publishing group L’Espresso and A. Manzoni & co. s.p.a. with the realization of certain Collateral and microsites for National Geographic, Tex, Limes, DVD of the Month and other events (such as Pop Art, Home & Design). Some of this work will be seen in my online portfolio.

I also covered the role of design Packgaging and Industrial Design for Megavision spa, a leading distribution of equipment and accessories for mobile phones.

Currently I’m busy at the Wizards P.A. subsidiary of Wizards Group s.p.a. as UI and UX Designer with experience in accessibility as Stanca Law and W3C, Adobe Flex 3 Developer, Designer, Expert in User Experience for dispotivi Mobile, iPhone / iPad and Android.

I’m always available to create your new user experience more engaging!

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