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Wandering Youth was born out of a love and passion for discovery and adventure. Party until the sun rises over the Mediterranean, pass days where the sun never arrives at all in Scandinavia. Feast on the most delicious cuisine in Morocco, slam whiskey down atop a Brooklyn bar, surf perfect waves in Indonesia and strike eye contact with a beautiful Parisian.

Wandering Youth is the platform to broadcast these moments. Some subtle, some life changing. All found by wandering. A story from a foreign shore, that back street cafe where you never would have looked and short travel films that will make you leave university or your job and straight onto the next plane to anywhere.

The door is open. Take a wander.

Have a story? Have a picture? Have a story and a picture?
Get in touch - we'd love to hear about your wanderings - hello@wanderingyouth.com

James and TJ x