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WARRIORS SKATEBOARDS grows out of the need in the scene for friendly, skater owned, 100% skateboarding brands.
In a moment in which corporate interests are risking to compromise the identity and uniqueness of Skateboarding, Warriors skateboards wants to be there, steady and trustworthy, for the skaters.

We want to build from day zero to keep alive the peculiarities of skateboarding; style, fun and friendship.

A skateboard crew since 1996, Warriors become a skateboard company in 2009 to support the new generation of talented skaters as Gilles Gallicchio, Geri Hugo, Igor Fardin, Martino Cattaneo, Kevin Blaser, Pero Jurkic plus the Warriors Family and the Warriors ARMY, controlled by the TM Elia Sforza and led by Yari Copt.
Distributed by The Joker Distribution in Switzerland Warriors Skateboards Via Trevano 72 6900 Lugano Switzerland info & orders: Cell. +41 (0)79 232 52 47 - Tel./Fax. +41(0)91 970 11 47 warriorsskateboards@gmail.com myspace.com/warriorsskateboards

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